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As AI become more broadly adopted across all industries, edge-based AI (which filters and processes data locally on a camera) is being increasingly incorporated into video surveillance to enable end-to-end AI technology. Today, most security cameras send the data they collect to servers to be analysed. However, with edge-based AI, the data is analysed by the camera first and subsequently sent to the server.

This reduces the burden of transferring and storing large amounts of data to a server, thereby increasing efficiency, saving time, and reducing server costs typically required to analyse data.

  • Increase event monitoring accuracy by reducing false alarms
  • Classify Target Objects with attributes
  • BestShot for minimising storage and bandwidth requirements
  • Compatible with Wisenet Retail Insight, enabling customer demographics analysis

False alarm reduction

The analytics can be configured to ignore video noise, waving trees, moving clouds and animals, all of which might normally be the cause of false alarms when standard motion detection technology or sensors are being used to detect activity. This ability to minimise time-wasting and costly false alarms means control room operators and security personnel are able to focus on responding to real incidents and emergencies.



Control room efficiency

The license-free deep learning video analytics simultaneously detects and classifies various object types, including people, vehicles, faces and license plates and is supported by Wisenet AI algorithms unique to Hanwha Techwin which are able to identify the attributes of objects or people, such as their age group, their gender or the colour of the clothing a person is wearing.

People counting 

Wisenet Occupancy Monitoring Application combines Wisenet P series AI camera with people counting. AI algorithms built into the AI cameras can be utilised to accurately count the number of people entering and leaving premises and the data can be displayed to provide managers with information on the number of people present.


Face Mask Detection

The attribute classification function of Wisenet P series AI cameras enables quick and accurate detection of the objects with or without a face mask and immediately sends out an alert.


social distancing detection

Social Distancing Detection

The Wisenet P series AI cameras’ edge-based AI video analytics help operators monitor the proximity of people in public spaces. They detect distancing violations (violations of preset distance) and trigger an instant event alert on connected NVR/VMS.



Business Intelligence with Retail Insight

Wisenet Retail Insight can be utilised with the Wisenet P Series AI 4k range to enable retailers to gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour and buying patterns. With the help of Wisenet AI algorithms, Retail Insight is also able to display the age and gender of store visitors, allowing retailers to granularly analyse customer demographics.

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