Banking Solutions

The availability of IP network based video surveillance systems has transformed the way security management of those in banking are able to ensure their assets and people are protected. A bank’s head of security can be based anywhere in the world and have immediate access to very high resolution images allowing them to analyse any incident and pass the evidence onto the police.

A Wisenet video surveillance solution can capture and record high-resolution images of activity throughout a branch, meeting the specific demands of entrance and exit monitoring or restricted areas such as cash handling rooms and vaults, as well as monitoring the outside of a building.


ATM Monitoring

Wisenet cameras are ideal for unobtrusive surveillance applications such as the monitoring of ATMs. Featuring video analytics, Wisenet high definition Day/Night cameras provide a privacy masking facility to blank out sensitive areas, such as the PIN keypad on an ATM machine.

Added Security

Deployment of external IP cameras requires the provision of an external network connection to the IP camera device and these external connections could be subject to malicious tampering which would allow fraudsters to gain access to valuable and confidential data.


Hanwha Techwin Wisenet Bank Solution from Hanwha Techwin Europe on Vimeo.

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