COVID-19 Solutions 

Whilst the number of people being tested positive for COVID-19 has reduced, social distancing rules and other safety requirements will have to remain in place for some time to come.

Unfortunately, the cost of employing additional staff to control the number of people on-premises or check that masks are being worn can be prohibitive for many businesses. The good news is that there are simple solutions readily available which can be quickly deployed and will prove to be far more cost-effective and accurate than employing someone to do the same job.

These come in the form of video surveillance cameras which are pre-loaded with AI-based video analytics. Take a look at our solutions below.

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Helping to Comply with Social Distancing

Occupancy Monitoring provides retailers, places of worship and museums, as well as leisure facilities, pubs, clubs and restaurants, with highly accurate data on the number of customers on their premises at any particular time. Compatible with P Series AI cameras, this edge-based application simultaneously counts the number of people entering or leaving a building and as such, offers managers real-time information to help them comply with social distancing rules. When the maximum permitted number of people has been reached, the application generates alarm outputs to control automatic doors or a traffic beacon and it also generates ‘wait’ or ‘enter’ text messages which can be displayed on a monitor.


Solution Benefits

❇︎ Easily control the number of people on-premises
❇︎ Help to comply with social distancing rules
❇︎ Give customers a clear message on whether to enter or wait
❇︎ Cover multiple entrances and exits
❇︎ Rely on highly accurate people counting
❇︎ Re-purpose the AI camera after COVID-19 to understand customer behaviour
❇︎ Enjoy a 5-year warranty (through partner programme)
❇︎ Licence-free!


Main Features

❇︎ Edge-based people counting video analytics with Deep Learning AI
❇︎ Aggregates data from multiple cameras
❇︎  Serverless and licence-free
❇︎ Uses a traffic light system to allow/deny entrance
❇︎ Customisable interface and messages (in any language)
❇︎ Easy installation with camera modular design
❇︎ ONVIF compliant
❇︎ Camera is NDAA compliant

Maximising the Value of Your AI Cameras

Occupancy Monitoring

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Monitor Social Distancing Abidance

The Social Distance Measuring application helps businesses and workplaces to implement social distancing policies by measuring the distance between people in a camera’s field of view and generating an alarm when guidelines are not being followed.

It works in a range of indoor and outdoor locations such as offices, factories, art galleries, museums, places of worship, public transport and city centres where crowds tend to gather in popular locations.

Solution Highlights

❇︎ Highly accurate, based on AI Deep Learning
❇︎ Raise an alert when social distancing rules are not being followed
❇︎ Raise an alarm when the number of people in a specified area exceeds the pre-set limit
❇︎ Works with any Hanwha Vision camera!
❇︎ Server-based




Helping to Enforce Health & Safety Measures

Businesses and organisations are exploring ways to re-open whilst safeguarding the health and safety of their staff and visitors. Individuals not following company policy can be detected using video analytics on-board the X Series cameras.

❇︎ Edge-based mask detection of all types and sizes
❇︎ Wisenet Wave Integration
❇︎ Digital zoom-in function for cameras with fixed lenses
❇︎ Camera output signal on alarm (Alarm Out)
❇︎ Recording of alarm images to an SD Card or FTP


Solution Benefits

❇︎ Detect individuals not wearing or incorrectly wearing a face mask on-premises
❇︎ Keep your staff and visitors safe
❇︎ Control adherence to health & safety requirements
❇︎ Audio messages can be delivered automatically to staff/ visitors requesting them to wear a mask
❇︎ Highly accurate mask detection solution, not affected by hat, glasses or headscarf
❇︎ Simple to set up and use
❇︎ Cost-effective solution, no server required, flexible and scalable

Cameras Pre-loaded with the Mask Detection Application

Face Mask Detection Flyer

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