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This Policy outlines the return and repair policy applicable to products purchased from an Authorised Distributor of Hanwha Techwin Europe Ltd (“Hanwha”). Hanwha will only accept RMA requests from an Authorised Distributor and Diamond Partners.

Amendments to this Policy: Hanwha reserve the right to amend this Policy, in part or in its entirety, at any time and with or without notice.

Hanwha’s Responsibilities: Hanwha’s sole responsibility in accordance with this Policy is limited to repairing or replacing any defective product returned our Authorised Distributors and Diamond Partners, but only on products purchased from Hanwha Techwin Europe Ltd.


General Policy Conditions

Product warranty comes into effect from the date of delivery to the Authorised Distributor. This is determined by tracking of the product serial number and purchase order number.

Hanwha will repair or replace defective products within the warranty period specified in the below Repair & Warranty Period.

Warranty repairs can only be carried out by a Hanwha authorized service centre.


Repair & Warranty Period


Product Warranty

Advanced Replacement Period

Dead on Arrival*

Customer/Authorised Partner

3 years

All analogue & IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs (purchased before March 2017) & Monitors (except screen/panel components which have 2-year warranty)

*Excludes moving parts/accessories


1 year

*Excludes accessories


3 months

Silver Partner


5 years

All IP products (purchased after March 2017)

*excludes HDD, fan/belts, pan/tilt, slip rings)


2 years

*Excludes accessories


3 months

Gold Partner


5 years

All IP products (purchased after March 2017)

*excludes HDD, fan/belts, pan/tilt, slip rings)


2 years

*Excludes accessories


3 months

Diamond Partner


5 years

All IP products (purchased after March 2017)

*excludes HDD, fan/belts, pan/tilt, slip rings)


3 years

plus access to 4CUST

*Excludes accessories


3 months


Hanwha will accept Dead on Arrival requests from both Distributors and System Integrators providing proof of purchase, noting the purchase date and product serial number, is provided. Hanwha will accept Dead on Arrival requests from End Users within 1 month of receipt under the same conditions.


Return Requirements & Instructions

Hanwha will only accept returns from Authorised Distributors and Diamond STEP Partners. If a product is defective and needs to be returned, the Authorised Distributor must be contacted in the first instance for details of the return options available. A list of Hanwha’s Authorised Distributors can be found online at:


The Distributor should raise an RMA request on Hanwha’s Service Portal: https://4cust.net, or by emailing [email protected] The following information must be included in the request in order to ensure quick handling:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Service Required – Repair (R) or Advanced Replacement (AR)
  • Details of product fault*

*adding additional fault information after the RMA has been issued can cause longer processing times and in some cases, additional charges. All information regarding the fault must be noted at the point of RMA request.

Products should be returned without the packaged accessories (external power supply, remote control, cables etc.). Hanwha accepts no liability for the loss of such items during warranty servicing and any replacement product is dispatched without accessories.

The RMA number given is valid only for 30 calendar days from the date of issue. Hanwha must receive the defective product within thirty (30) calendar days from the date the RMA was issued. Any product returned after the expiration of the RMA will not be valid for repair or replacement and a new RMA must be issued. Hanwha reserves the right to refuse any product deliveries with an expired RMA number displayed.

When returning defective product to Hanwha, please make sure that the RMA provided is clearly displayed on the outside of the package. Where the RMA has been issued by 4CUST, documents should be printed and attached to the outside of any packages returned. If the shipment contains multiple packages, please ensure the RMA is clearly displayed on all packages and that each package is numbered (i.e. 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc.). Hanwha may refuse any delivery where the RMA is not displayed.

Defective product should be returned in its original packaging where possible.

Where a replacement product is required, the exchanged product assumes the remaining warranty of the original product.

In the case where a like for like product or other suitable replacement is not available, a credit will be raised to compensate the Customer.

Advanced Replacement: Hanwha also offers Advanced Replacement (AR) on certain products within a

predetermined period outlined in the Repair & Warranty Period section. Advanced Replacement is not available on:

  • Thermal Cameras
  • Products that have been abused or improperly handled
  • Products that are no longer under warranty

Advanced Replacement can be requested on 4CUST, by emailing [email protected] or by calling the Service Team on +31 (0)13 5792 790.

If the product to be replaced has not been received within thirty (30) days of the date the replacement product was shipped or if the item received by return is not faulty, Hanwha will invoice the Authorised Distributor 60% of the original invoice value of the product, in addition to a £/€40 handling fee (per product).

Advanced Replacement is only applicable to such products that have not been abused or improperly handled.

Dead on Arrival (DOA): product that is found to be Dead on Arrival (‘DOA’) should be reported to [email protected] A Service agent will then arrange for collection/return of the defective item. All DOA products must be returned in their original packaging with all accessories. DOA cases will be measured against the conditions specified in the Repair & Warranty Period table below.

Out of Warranty Repairs: Hanwha also offers services on products that are outside of the standard warranty. Hanwha will evaluate and determine whether the defective product is repairable – in the case where a product is over 5 years old, repairs may be subject to spare part availability. If it is, Hanwha will issue an estimate for the costs of repair, including delivery, for the Customer to review. A repair can only proceed once the Customer has provided written confirmation of the acceptance of this estimate. Should the Customer not wish to proceed with the repairs following receipt of the estimate, a £/€40 handling fee is charged to the Customer and Hanwha will return the defective product to the Customer at the Customers cost, or dispose of the product locally, whichever the customer so chooses.

Estimates offered are an assumption of cost and are subject to change.

Should a Customer fail to respond within 14 days to an estimate to confirm whether they wish to proceed or not, Hanwha will return the product to the Customer and charge the Customer a flat £/€40 handling fee.


Policy Exemptions

Other than those exemptions already stated within this Policy, the following also apply:

Any product that has been painted over, tampered with, had labels removed or any other modifications will be void of all warranties unless particular dispensation has been officially granted by Hanwha. These products may still be repaired in accordance with Hanwha’s Out of Warranty repair service.

Any product that has been altered. Examples of alterations include:

i.       Counterfeit/missing labelling
ii.     Jumpers, wires, or any other mechanical/electronic parts added to the product
iii.    Removal of any part of component of the original product
iv.    Incorrect reassembly of original product
v.     Any repairs done by an unauthorised Service Centre
vi.   Any other change in the original state of the product

Any physical, or accidental, damage to a product such as:

i.       Broken pins on connectors
ii.      Blown power board due to applying wrong voltage and/or current
iii.     Dented product case/housing
iv.     Torn/punctured lens cover
v.      Deep scratches/gauges to product
vi.    Missing parts



Improper Packaging: returned products shipped to Hanwha’s Service Centre must be properly packaged in order to prevent unintended damage during transportation. Any damages caused to the returned product as a result of improper packaging may be charged back to the Customer.


Warranty Disclaimer in Respect of Unauthorised Distributors and Resellers

Hanwha Techwin Europe (HTE) is firmly committed to providing our customers with best in class, reliable security products and solutions via authorised distributors. Our policy is to provide post-sales services and honour product warranties only for products purchased from an authorised HTE distributor.

Unfortunately, not every distributor, reseller or retailer advertising HTE products is authorised by HTE. Read more about this on the policy page or view the list of authorised Hanwha Techwin product distributors here.


Other Terms & Conditions

Hanwha reserves the right to examine and test any returned product(s) to determine the actual cause of damage and/or defect.

If the malfunction of a part is determined to be due to Customer fault including, but not limited to, an attempted repair, unauthorized repair, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, installation and connection, malfunction of a peripheral device(s), rust or deterioration caused by improper storage, an invoice for extra service fees for repair charges, shipping costs, and other applicable expenses will be issued.