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Serverless ANPR

Easy to configure camera-to-camera IP communication technology enables up to 4 Wisenet ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, 1 master camera and 3 slaves, to simultaneously capture and transmit data to a convenient user interface.

Taking advantage of a powerful chipset, the easy to configure Serverless ANPR solution is with 95% accuracy able to capture the number plates of vehicles moving at up to 50 km/h and is designed to offer an affordable edge-based solution for car parks, petrol stations and small residential estates with multiple entrances/exits, barriers or roadways.

The serverless ANPR camera solution provides the opportunity to automatically control the movement of up to 1,000 white listed cars through barriers via camera relay outputs, as well as provide valuable car park management information, such as ‘time spent’ and occupancy rates, without having to incur the cost of installing and running the application on a server.

An API is available to system integrators to provide the opportunity for the ANPR solution to be integrated with third-party software and systems.


All the benefits of ANPR without incurring the cost of a server to run it on.

  • No server or cloud subscription required
  • Easy to configure
  • Convenient user interface
  • Separate secured login to manage the ANPR events
  • High number plate recognition accuracy (>95%)
  • Unified ANPR events list
  • Unified white and black lists
  • Up to 1000 number plates
  • Barrier management – automatic and manual
  • Perfect for car parks and residential areas




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