Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels Choose Wisenet

25 Sep 2015

Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels have agreed a long term single source supply relationship which will see all of its luxury hotels equipped with a Wisenet video surveillance solution.


Mohamed Elsebahy, Mohamed Elsebahy, Group CCTV Manager, said: “The decision to carry out a complete review of our physical security in order to ensure that we were taking advantage of the very latest available technology, prompted our research as to whether it was possible to single source all the component parts of a video surveillance system from one manufacturer.

“A key part of our selection criteria was that we wanted to work with a manufacturer that not only had products which had a reputation for reliability, but in order to have peace of mind, we wanted that reliability to be backed up by good warranty terms and a very high level of post sales technical support.”

“Working closely with a single manufacturer has proved to be a great success as they have been able to provide objective advice on the correct camera model for every location. Our control room operators are happy because the system is easy to operate, but perhaps the greatest compliment has come from local police officers. They have told us that they regard the video surveillance system at our Heathrow hotel as the most reliable of all the many hotels that are on the A4 strip and that they always have confidence in the systems’ ability to provide them with high quality video evidence.”