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Premium Video Management Software

SSM is a video management software that provides features for surveillance operation such as live monitoring, video recording and playback and event based monitoring.

It consists of server software and client software. Server software separated by function module like recording purpose server, video wall display purpose server and so on. Client software separated by operators like professional monitoring operator and security guard on field.

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Server Software

SSM consists of two lineups, Professional and Enterprise according to server software composition.

Professional is for small to mid solution that usually needs only video recording and sometimes video wall solution and more.

Enterprise is for mid to high solution that has variety requirements for enterprise market such as failover and system integration.

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Small System

Up to 100 cameras, suitable for applications such as Commercial Building, Education, Government Offices (City Hall, Museum, Library and more)

Network Camera + Server Recording System

  • Only one SM needs to be installed for a surveillance solution
  • If a server is used RS, SM and MG is preferred to be installed to that server
  • Even though it depends on performance of the server, one server can handle a solution under 100 cameras.


Mid System

Up to 300 cameras, suitable for applications such as Industrial Factory, Public Utilities, Commercial Building, Healthcare, Sports Complex, Prison

Network Camera + Server Recording + Video Wall System

  • Only one SM needs to be installed on site.
  • SM is not needed to be installed to a separated server but can be installed with a recording server.
  • MG and RS can be installed to a server.
  • Only one VMG needs to be installed on site and it can be installed with VMD.
  • For video wall system, a display server with 4 or more monitor output is commonly used instead of the expensive server that has RAID storage system.

Enterprise System

More than 300 cameras, suitable for applications such as Airport, Convention Center, Railway, Port, Casino

Network Camera + Server Recording + Video Wall + Failover + Access Control System

  • SM is recommended to be installed at a separated server because it might need more performance for handling a mid to high site which may cause unstable recording
  • Failover system for SM and RS is recommended for stable system operation and redundancy for video data
  • TS is needed for integration with a 3rd party access control or intruder alarm system.


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