Read the annual address by our Managing Director, Jeff (Chae Won) Lee, for an insight into Hanwha Techwin’s predictions for 2021.


January, 2021

Looking Forward to a Year of Opportunities


On behalf of the Hanwa Techwin Europe team, I wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! My colleagues and I have returned from the Christmas holiday break eagerly anticipating the year ahead and the opportunity to work even more closely with our distribution partners and their systems integrator customers to achieve sales growth.

While our existing comprehensive range of Wisenet products and solutions gives us a fantastic base from which we can achieve great success during 2021, you can be assured we are harnessing the very latest advances in technology to develop new video surveillance solutions which will enable our business partners to grow their share of the video surveillance market.

It’s a market which is predicted to continue to significantly increase over the coming years, with Berg Insight, a leading IoT market research provider, estimating that the number of cameras installed across Europe and North America will grow from a 2019 total of 183 million to 420.3 million cameras in 2024.


Solutions post-COVID-19

With effective vaccines now starting to be deployed, our lives will hopefully soon return back to the ‘old normal’. However, an interesting effect of the face mask detection, social distancing, occupancy monitoring and temperature detection solutions, which we introduced during 2020, is that there is increased interest in how the specialist video analytics applications and Deep Learning AI technology incorporated into these solutions can be used in other ways.

System integrators and distributors are telling us that their end-user clients are hungry to learn how beyond COVID-19, they can utilise these technologies to keep one step ahead of criminals, increase productivity and gain a greater understanding of customer/visitor behaviour.

As end-users’ expectations rise as to what they can expect to achieve from their video surveillance systems, it is perhaps not surprising that another report, produced by Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, has suggested the use of AI and advanced analytics will significantly increase over the next few years. The global business value is expected to reach $3.9T by 2022.


Top 5 video surveillance trends for 2021

The market research reports and feedback from customers give weight to predictions as to what the top trends and hot topics will be during 2021, as explained in an article recently produced by Hanwha Techwin’s global HQ.

  1. With increased functionality now being included in edge-based Deep Learning AI solutions, there is likely to be a large increase in the number of devices deployed which can process AI data at the edge.
  2. Open platform will facilitate the development of a wider array of customised vertical market and end-user specific solutions
  3. The Cloud will be more widely adopted as a business insights tool
  4. Cyber security will become even more crucial with the increased use of edge devices
  5. The need to respect data protection and privacy regulations, while enabling justifiable use of video surveillance technology

You can read the full Top 5 Video Surveillance Trends article here.

Our product roadmap and sales strategy take into account that regardless of whether system integrators are involved with complex, mission-critical or high-security video surveillance projects, or just providing security for small office, factory or retail applications, these trends and topics are likely to have a major impact during the next 12 months and beyond.

As the company’s recently appointed new Managing Director, and on behalf of the Hanwha Techwin Europe team, I wish to thank system integrators, as well as our distribution and technology partners for their ongoing support. Together, as a consequence of the pandemic, we have experienced the most demanding market conditions that anyone working within the video surveillance industry is likely to have experienced before.

We look forward over the year ahead to providing you with products and solutions which will give you a competitive edge and generate new sales opportunities. Most importantly, we will strive to excel in everything we do, and we will do so with integrity.



Jeff (Chae Won) Lee
Managing Director
Hanwha Techwin Europe

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