High-performance video surveillance solutions helping to keep subways safe

Jon Hill, Senior Business Development Manager for Hanwha Techwin Europe explains how high-performance cameras
and recording devices are helping rail operators to keep subways safe from criminal activity.


Camera (1)As various crimes and safety accidents increase to an unprecedented level in subways, including terrorist threats, there is an urgent need for security solutions which can help provide an intelligent and agile response.

Hanwha Techwin provides video security solutions fit for every environment, including station platforms and rolling stock via high-performance mobile solutions.

Metro systems are now essential for city living, used by millions upon millions worldwide. However, with their huge popularity comes all kinds of crime and safety-related incidents, including the issues created by the rising threat of terrorism, assault and pickpocketing. For such reasons, public areas including metro stations and trains, require high-end video security solutions that mitigate these threats by enabling swift responses to incidents and accidents.

Certain public access areas are particularly vulnerable with insufficient lighting and poor video surveillance coverage within ticketing halls and on platforms. Capturing clear and stable video data inside train cars during peak times and on the more turbulent stretches of rail, is also a difficult task. As such there is an increasing need for good quality video security solutions within metro’s/subways which provide precise monitoring within challenging environments.

Regulatory compliance needs vary from region to region, although the challenges are quite similar. Monitoring public areas including platforms, ticket barriers, wide open spaces and rolling stock is achieved using high resolution fixed and multi-sensor cameras to ensure wide coverage and efficient use of video surveillance. The Wisenet XNF-8010R 6-megapixel high resolution fisheye camera, for example, enables 360-degree full-range monitoring, eliminating any blind spots and providing the performance of several video surveillance cameras with just one device. Its built-in microphone combined with audio analytics, allow detection and limited classification of loud and unusual noises such as screams or broken glass. It can be installed in various environments, e.g. internal, external, ceiling or wall mounted. There is also a mobile version for rolling stock utilising M12 architecture.

At platforms whilst people wait for trains, prompt responses to potential accidents are essential. The 2megapixel high resolution Wisenet XNV-6080R provides a hallway view feature, efficient for viewing long and narrow platform areas. In the event of an accident such as an individual falling onto the subway tracks, clear video data is essential to help control centre staff coordinate a swift and proportionate response. Where permissible, the Wisenet XNV-6080R’s IR LED illumination enables monitoring even during electrical blackouts or in dark environments.

When installing video surveillance cameras inside trains, providing high resolution, stable footage through image stabilising technologies, is a clear operational need. The Wisenet XNV-6022RM compact 2megapixel mobile camera is highly suited to monitoring the inside of trains. This model features the world’s best 150dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), image stabilisation and a hallway view-function. It is able to efficiently monitor the long and narrow interior of the train, providing crystal-clear videos even in the face of a jolting carriage car or in backlit areas. It also has an M12 connector.

Video data can be stored using the Wisenet 16 channel mobile TRM-1610M NVR. This is installed inside the vehicle and features dual hot swap removable drive bays and a ‘fan-less’ ruggedised design. Video data is preserved for an extensive period of time and can be shared wirelessly at any time where infrastructure allows. Where metro rail lines reach the surface, GPS data recording and Google Map connectivity are also highly impressive features, as they enable effective monitoring by locating the moving trains in real time.

“Wisenet video surveillance solutions allow real-time, high resolution monitoring of activity at stations, as well as the inside of busy and occasionally turbulent moving trains, helping to enable quick responses to various on-site issues which may occur,” said Jon Hill. “The development of these specific Wisenet products reflects the fact that we fully appreciate the need to provide robust, high performance solutions for these types of applications, in order to help transport operators keep passengers safe and to protect station facilities and assets.”