Customers using the Wisenet Mobile Application to connect with their recorders may need to re-activate their DDNS/P2P settings after upgrading the Firmware. Please follow the attached guide to complete this procedure.

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Zero tolerance crime policy

Hospitals are regarded as among the most dangerous places to work, with doctors, nurses and administration staff being verbally abused and physical intimidated on a ‘far too regular’ basis. It is not surprising that most hospitals have introduced a zero tolerance crime policy and are turning to the latest technology to protect staff and provide the police with evidence to prosecute.

The latest generation of Wisenet high definition video surveillance cameras offer an extremely cost effective and powerful tool in the battle to reduce violence and vandalism in hospitals, as well as provide an effective method of monitoring Health & Safety policy compliance.

Open Platform

The massive processing power of the DSP chipsets incorporated into the latest generation of Wisenet Open Platform cameras means that there are now opportunities to deploy on board Applications which can assist managers to also improve operational efficiency and achieve considerable added value from an investment in a video surveillance system.

360-degree vision

A single Wisenet 360-degree camera is all that is required to efficiently and cost-effectively cover a large area, such as an A&E department, where a much larger number of standard cameras might normally be required.




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