H.265 NVR solutions

01 Nov 2017

There has been much publicity recently in respect of Hanwha Techwin’s new generation of high definition cameras. The new H.265 Wisenet X cameras, supercharged by the most powerful chipset ever incorporated into a full camera range, together with the feature rich Wisenet Q and premium 4K Wisenet P camera series, enable Hanwha Techwin to provide an effective camera solution for virtually any video surveillance project.

QRN-410-810-XRN-410S Image SmallWhat is not so well known is that Hanwha Techwin has also introduced a large number of new H.265 NVRs which have been designed to enable users to gain maximum benefit from their investment in Wisenet cameras by taking advantage of the very latest network video recording technology. Much of this innovative technology is unique to Hanwha Techwin.

The new entry level QRN and mid-range XRN NVRs have been introduced together to provide a complete replacement for the highly successful SRN range of NVRs which have proved to be so popular among installers and systems integrators over recent years.

NVR solutions for a wide range of small to medium sites

In this article, we are focusing on the new 4 and 8 QRN and XRN models. Collectively, these four NVRs provide ultra high performance recording solutions for high security and mission critical sites which only require a small number of cameras, as well as cost effective options for small offices and shops. All four NVRs share some exciting features which deserve to be highlighted.

4K display: The new NVRs are able to support the display of ultra high definition 4K display images via their HDMI output ports. This means users also have the alternative option to display 4 x 1080P images in quad mode.

Increased bandwidth: All of the new NVRs offer 50% more network camera recording bandwidth than the SRN models they supersede. The QRN-410S and QRN-410S 4 channel models each have the capability of 50Mbps network camera recording, whilst the 8 channel QRN-810 and XRN-810S each deliver 100Mbps.

Multi profile streaming: The new NVRs enable users to maximise on the available bandwidth by configuring up to three separate network streams. Each can be customised to transmit at different resolutions by using a choice of H.265, H.264 and MJPEG compression methods, enabling optimisation of the simultaneous remote display of live images on PCs using Smart Viewer software and on remote devices via the Wisenet Mobile App.

WiseStream Support: The new NVR’s storage capacity is significantly enhanced by WiseStream, a complementary compression technology unique to Hanwha Techwin which dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image. When WiseStream is combined with H.265 compression, bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology.

ARB support for robust and resilient recording: If there is a temporary network fault preventing the streaming of captured images to any of the NVRs, an Automatic Recovery Backup (ARB) feature automatically and seamlessly trickle feeds the missing images from the respective cameras’ SD card when the network connection is re-established. This ensures there are no missing gaps in the recording of what could be important evidence of an incident.

P2P service for easy installation set-up: The QRN and XRN NVRs provide support for the latest version of the Wisenet Mobile App by displaying a QR code for each of the connected cameras. Cameras can easily be added to the Wisenet Mobile App list by simply Scanning the QR code via a smart phone.

Real time alerts: Notifications are automatically ‘pushed’ to authorised users via the Wisenet Mobile App when an alarm is triggered by sensors, motion detection and/or a variety of analytics including enter/exit direction, virtual line and camera defocus.

What’s the difference between

The QRN and XRN NVRs share some great features but what separates the two NVR series is that the XRN models are designed to be Plug & Play. This is achieved via PoE/PoE+ ports which offer the opportunity to significantly reduce installation costs by negating the need for the provision of separate power cables and plug points for each camera. PoE+ functionality means there will also be sufficient power for the operation of speed domes.

Smart Security Manager Enterprise (SSM)

All QRN and XRN NVRs are fully compatible with SSM, a one-stop management software solution which maximises the efficiency of Wisenet network cameras and provides the option to perfectly integrate them with third party systems such as intruder alarms and Access Control.

Smart Security Manager’s modular architecture empowers operators to configure, manage and monitor large numbers of cameras. It is equipped with a powerful search engine and offers a wide range of options to assist operators to quickly and easily retrieve evidential data.

A Video Summary feature condenses hours of recorded video into a series of shortened clips, with events overlaid and time-stamped. Selecting any of these events replays the relevant video clip in its entirety. Searches can be further refined by using criteria such as colour, object size and direction of movement.

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