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Hanwha Techwin: Le top 5 des tendances de la vidéoprotection pour 2021

As has become traditional at this time of the year, Hanwha Techwin has announced what it believes will be the top 5 key trends for the video surveillance industry during 2021. They cover AI edge-based solutions, open platform, the Cloud, cyber security, data protection and privacy issues.

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Hanwha Techwin lance les dispositifs de surveillance publique Wisenet avec caméra intégrée

Une nouvelle gamme de moniteurs Wisenet Public View (PVM), en 2 mégapixels connectée par SSL, a été introduite pour aider les commerçants à dissuader les fraudeurs et les voleurs. Disponibles en 10”/27”/32”, les trois nouvelles caméras ont été pensées pour être installées aux entrées de magasin, dans les rayons et au niveau des caisses (automatiques et standards).

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Hanwha Techwin lance une caméra thermique à détection de la température corporelle certifiée IEC 60601

The Wisenet TNM-3620TDY is a bi-spectrum, multi-channel device which incorporates a QVGA-class thermal imaging camera and a 2-megapixel video surveillance camera. As such, it can detect heat and measuring temperature with a very high degree of accuracy, whilst providing visual verification of people within its field of view.

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Nouveau module de caméra à objectif déporté Wisenet à 4 canaux

Remote camera heads comprise an image sensor camera equipped with a fixed, pinhole or fisheye lens. As their name implies, they are designed to be installed remotely from the other components of a video surveillance camera and this means they can be discretely installed within an ATM and other tight spaces, or located neatly into a corner of a room or lift with the help of mounting brackets.

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Jeff Lee nommé nouveau Directeur général d’Hanwha Techwin Europe

Hanwha Techwin Europe has announced the appointment of Jeff (Chae Won) Lee as its new Managing Director. Having worked for the Hanwha Group for over 21 years, most recently as Hanwha Techwin Europe’s Sales Director, and with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), he has an exceptional track record of delivering on strategic objectives and a wealth of knowledge and experience of growing businesses.

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Nouvelle caméra d’angle anti-pendaison Wisenet 5 Mpx

Although primarily intended to assist police, prison and mental health institutions in preventing inmates and patients from self-harming within secure room environments, the vandal-resistant and water-proof TNV-8010C also offers a robust solution for other demanding applications, such as the monitoring of activity at ATMs and within lifts.

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