Zákazníci, kteří používají mobilní aplikaci Wisenet k připojení ke svým rekordérům, mohou po upgradu firmwaru znovu aktivovat svá nastavení DDNS/P2P.

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Hanwha Techwin and analytics experts FF Group have combined to offer a suite of ANPR solutions ranging from car park access control for business applications, through to large scale city wide based systems, which enable local authorities and police to keep people safe, as well as to detect traffic infringements.

Wisenet ANPR cameras for single sites

The ANPR application developed with the FF Group, which provides a highly accurate licence plate recognition solution effective with all European number plate formats, has been integrated with two high definition Wisenet cameras: SNO-6095RH/FNP and XNO-6120R/FNP.

The application uses license plate recognition software to allow the user to monitor traffic (3 lines per one camera) and prevent crime and record its results.

  • Outstanding recognition accuracy
  • High vehicle speed
  • All European countries
  • Easy setup
  • Black and white list support

Number Plate server solution for single site management

If you have a large site requiring up to 32 cameras, such as a large shopping centre, municipal or commercial sites, the introduction of a server based management system makes it easier to scale your operation.

Additional features include:

  • Online alerting
  • Duration of stay
  • Analysis of utilisation

Integration with Wisenet SSM

Wisenet SSM – clear and simple reports for events.

Wisenet SSM is a one-stop management software solution which maximises the efficiency of Wisenet network cameras and provides the option to perfectly integrate them with third party systems such as intruder alarms and access control.

Wisenet SSM’s modular architecture empowers operators to configure, manage and monitor large numbers of cameras. It is equipped with a powerful search engine and offers a wide range of options.




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