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Edge-based Automatic Incident Detection

Our Automatic Incident Detection solution is an edge-based application available in Hanwha Vision high-definition Bi-Spectrum Thermal cameras.
The AID solution can reliably detect incidents and events in traffic flow on critical transport infrastructure such as roads, highways, tunnels and intersections.
Edge-based AID generates an alert when traffic incidents occur, as well as providing reliable traffic flow data.
All information is then delivered via an intuitive web user interface for easy accessibility.

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Ideal for Traffic Monitoring

The cameras feature highly accurate deep-learning-based object detection and classification.
AI-based object detection reduces false alarms, providing operators with a reliable source of events.
Meanwhile accurate object classification improves operational efficiency by making forensic search highly efficient.
The cameras can identify particular vehicles and number plates while ignoring irrelevant motion such as wind-blown trees and animals.

Available on Bi-Spectrum Thermal Cameras

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Accurate AI-based Object Detection

The Bi-Spectrum AI cameras are ideal for traffic monitoring with accurate AI-based object detection and classification including person, vehicle (car/truck/bus/bicycle/motorcycle) and licence plate.

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent traffic video analytics on-board the cameras include:

  • Stopped vehicle
  • Wrong direction
  • Traffic jam detection
  • Vehicle counting
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VMS Integration

*Metadata available with licence-free Hanwha Vision AI Plug-in

Server-Based AID with central management (a2 Technology Partner)


a2 Technology

a2 Technology develops state-of-the-art technologies within the vision of smart cities, a concept of the future to improve quality of life for citizens through more prosperous and safer cities.

These are integrated with Hanwha Vision cameras, to provide intelligent video analysis for customers.

Visit a2 Technology here.

a2-VCA Automatic Incident Detection System

The a2-VCA Automatic Incident Detection system is a server-based video analytics safety transportation solution. It can reliably and instantly detect incidents and events in traffic flow on critical infrastructure such as roads, highways and tunnels by processing live images taken from cameras in real time, and warn operators through audible and visual alarms.

The solution provides a clear event list, video wall live streams as well as statistics offering additional insights into event patterns, types of vehicle and counting.

The a2-VCA Automatic Incident Detection system integrates with third-party systems such as building management systems using a SCADA control system architecture.

In addition, a2-Backoffice Central Management System monitors and manages multiple tunnels. Users are able to reach different tunnels from a single interface.


Accurate Solution

With advanced artificial intelligence and analytics, the detection and classification features offer a high level of accuracy.

All detection and analysis models are trained with original datasets collected from real application points.

Web Dashboard Interface

A dashboard that can be used locally and remotely to access the system.

• Live cameras and alarms
• Search and filter alarms
• Graphical representation of statistics
• Download reports
• Control user access permissions
• Camera health


Sprinx – a valued Hanwha Vision partner

Technology Partnership

Sprinx, an Italian Independent Software Vendor, is a valued partner of Hanwha Vision. Sprinx specialises in designing and providing video intelligence software platforms for mobility and transport.

Established in 2009, Sprinx has earned a leading role in the market. Thanks to its internal R&D Department, Sprinx is capable of providing solutions for the intelligent monitoring of people and vehicle mobility.

Visit Sprinx here

traffix-ai App

Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection software solution for smarter and safer mobility. Moreover, collects and analyses statistical data on vehicle flow providing insights on the distribution and composition of traffic to operators and other stakeholders.

Compatible cameras include: PNB-A6001, PNV-A6081R, PND-A6081RF, PND-A6081RV, PNO-A6081R, PNB-A9001, PNV-A9081R, PND-A9081RF, PND-A9081RV, PNO-A9081R.


Exploiting the powerful neural network, AI-based co.exist is the Sprinx solution dedicated to multimodal mobility analysis in the city, logistics, transport and public sectors.

co.exist can analyse video streams in real time, track objects in a scene, quickly identify anomalous situations, and collect statistical data related to the mobility of people and vehicles.

Based on field proven video analysis, co.exist is able to provide important insights that can be used by different stakeholders to improve mobility and, at the same time, increase the efficiency of services and minimise environmental impact.


Accident & Incident Detection

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