We regret to inform you that the DDNS service for SHR and SPR DVR models has been permanently discontinued (from 1st January 2021).

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Case Study: Motor Fuel Group in charge with the help of Wisenet cameras

Motor Fuel Group (MFG), the UK’s largest independent forecourt operator, has entrusted Wisenet cameras manufactured by Hanwha Techwin, to help protect its major investment in electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs.


Maxlogic fire detection integrated with Wisenet WAVE VMS

Mavili Elektronik Ticaret A.S. has developed a plug-in that enables its Maxlogic intelligent addressable fire detection system to interact with Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet WAVE video management software (VMS).


New 2MP Wisenet AI cameras: AI video analytics to budget-conscious users

New affordable 2-megapixel Wisenet P series AI cameras will help prove that AI-based video surveillance technology is not just suitable for high-end, mission-critical applications, by offering a high return on investment, regardless of where they may be deployed.


PoE – Powering the expansion of video surveillance

Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe provides an overview on the benefits of PoE, as well as offering an explanation of the terminology associated with the cost and time saving technology.


How Adaptive IR Illumination contributes to the effectiveness of a video surveillance system

Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe, provides a bite-sized overview of the contribution IR Illumination can make to the effectiveness of a video surveillance system.


Zicam chooses Wisenet to be its preferred video surveillance brand

“Whilst we always offer objective advice to end-user clients in respect of the best cameras, recording devices and VMS available to meet their specific requirements, we have found for most projects we have been involved in over recent years that we have been able, via authorised distributors, to source everything needed from the Hanwha Techwin Wisenet product range”.