We regret to inform you that the DDNS service for SHR and SPR DVR models will be permanently discontinued, effective 1st January 2021.

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Case Study: Store Safe People Ost GmbH

STORE SAFE PEOPLE GmbH, a retailer which specialises in outdoor sports and survival equipment and clothing, has placed its trust in Wisenet cameras to help provide the highest levels of security at its recently opened new store in Wiener Neustadt.


Jeff Lee appointed new Managing Director of Hanwha Techwin Europe

Hanwha Techwin Europe has announced the appointment of Jeff (Chae Won) Lee as its new Managing Director. Having worked for the Hanwha Group for over 21 years, most recently as Hanwha Techwin Europe’s Sales Director, and with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), he has an exceptional track record of delivering on strategic objectives and a wealth of knowledge and experience of growing businesses.


New Wisenet 5MP Anti-Ligature Corner Mount Camera

Although primarily intended to assist police, prison and mental health institutions in preventing inmates and patients from self-harming within secure room environments, the vandal-resistant and water-proof TNV-8010C also offers a robust solution for other demanding applications, such as the monitoring of activity at ATMs and within lifts.


Wisenet QR Scanner App: Making life even easier for system integrators

The Wisenet QR Scanner App is designed to help quickly create a list of all Wisenet devices associated with a specific project, without having to take the products out of their packaging. The App, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play and run on any smart mobile device, is able to capture information on all the latest generation of Wisenet products, including model names, serial numbers and MAC addresses. This information can then be used to create a Bill of Materials (BOM) to verify that an order has been fulfilled and subsequently that all devices have been installed.


Spoilt for choice? Your guide to choosing a security camera

With system designers having so many options when it comes to specifying the most appropriate cameras to monitor large areas, Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe, provides an overview of the merits of some of the most suitable security camera formats.   What Type of Security Camera Suits your Needs? … Continue reading Hanwha Security Homepage


Shining a Light on WDR

Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe, explains how recent advances in Wide Dynamic Range technology are making a significant contribution to the effectiveness of video surveillance systems.